Become a digital school at zero cost.
iLearn is a KICD supplier, providing digital content into Kenya’s public primary schools, and a Kenya Private Schools Association partner, providing ever more private schools with their first digital education platform.

By signing up for our free Grade One platform, you will become an official iLearn school and get:

  • hours of digital learning materials .
  • a system that records every students’ performance and progress automatically.
  • a learning system that can engage the class when a teacher is absent.
  • a homework tool that parents can download as an app onto their phones.
  • access to the iLearn customer support team and rapidly expanding community.

There are no hidden costs, no extra charges

We ask only that you give us feedback when you can, telling us how to make iLearn even better, telling us how your students’ average test grades improved after adopting iLearn, and adding to the sum of teaching knowledge in the iLearn community.

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