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iLearn covers the entire curriculum with retention exercises that raise students’ grades, help with lesson planning, and record every student’s profile and results

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Sign up for all nine learning areas in Grade 1 for free, no hidden payments, 97 hours of digital content to improve students’ retention and permanently lift test grades.

Grades 1,2,3+

Get digital games and retention exercises for every grade, securing an increasing advantage. Grade 1 free, just Sh39,000 from Grade 2 onwards, adding depth and breadth to learning.

All grades + school cloud

iLearn for every grade, and your own cloud, digital library, lesson planners, digital partner content, access codes for parents for iLearn Homework. In short, an entire learning management system.

Tomorrow’s Kenyans

Over 1.2m Kenyan children have access to tablets used for digital learning across 23,951 public schools. The Ministry of ICT in partnership with JKUAT, and the Kenya Private School Association has distributed laptops and tablets to 11,000 private schools to benefit over 1.8m pupils.

  • Higher income gains

    Research shows that these programmes lead to income gains of 1.3 to 3.5 per cent each year when the children are adults…

  • Better grades

    Digital learning increases pupil’s content retention and grades which are tied to a nearly one per cent increase in wages 20 years later …

  • Digital world preparedness

    Digital learning prepares every pupil for today’s digital world, and to transform learning in Kenya into a 21st century education system….

  • Lower learning costs

    The average Kenyan primary school revision textbook costs Sh170 to Sh1,100 per subject and delivers 25 to 60 per cent less knowledge retention than digital learning. ….

Grade One Special

Completely free sign-up to e-learning for entire curriculum.

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15 Apr

Atlancis Technologies and KPSA partner in ICT integration in education

Atlancis Technologies has partnered with the Kenya Private Schools Association (KPSA) Nairobi to showcase to over 300 private primary school Directors from Nairobi County, a practical perspective of ICT integration in education. During the event, our team demonstrated how iLearn our innovative and interactive digital …

25 Nov

iLearn super schools

iLearn super schools are the leaders in the iLearn community pack. They have the free Grade 1 platform. They get the paid-for Grade 2 and 3 platforms, and the parents’ free app tokens for the grades. And they also get …