iLearn students achieve higher grades from their very first years in school, which translates into higher salaries for a lifetime.

The students learn more because information only enters the long-term memory on being repeated. iLearn kids get learning reinforcement through games and exercises.

This is hugely more effective than open-classroom reinforcement. E-learning increases knowledge retention by 25 – 60 per cent compared to 8 – 10 per cent with face-to-face teaching, according to the Research institute of America.

In 2017, the Brandon Hall Group’s Outlook Survey found that e-learning requires 40 – 60 per cent less time than face-to-face teaching to learn the same concepts.

Students who enjoy iLearn and improve their grades by just 1 per cent in Kindergarten to Grade 3 test scores earn nearly 1 per cent higher salaries every year for the rest of their lives, according to research comparing lifetime salaries with early years’ test results.

iLearn is also invaluable in helping slow or reluctant students.

Uwezo Kenya surveyed 102,666 students aged three to 16 in 2,030 schools and found only 33 per cent in Class Two could read a paragraph at their level. A third could not read at all.

But UK research has shown that e-learning transform results for reluctant learners, most strongly for reluctant readers.

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